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The Total Economic Impact TM cidaas
by Forrester Consulting

Forrester Consulting

The Total Economic Impact™, is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting that examines the potential return on investment, or ROI, and therefore the potential financial benefits that organizations can achieve by using cidaas a modern cloud identity & access management (CIAM) solution. 

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Forrester calculates the Total Economic Impact of cidaas an ROI of 178%.

Financial benefits with the use of cidaas

The Forrester study of cidaas calculated a 3-year ROI of 178% and €1.05 million in benefits for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers. Savings beware attributed to shorter development times, shorter time-to-market, shorter downtimes and the improved customer experience, among other things.

Summary of all financial benefits by using cidaas as CIAM.

Discover the benefits cidaas as CIAM delivered

Development time reduced by 83% with cidaas.

Development time reduced by 83%

cidaas enables a fast and easy integration into various applications. The cidaas hosted pages like login and registration UIs can be quickly adapted to the individual needs of the customers. This increased development efficiency and saved valuable time. 

Best customer experience with cidaas - 60% improved customer experience

Customer service efficiency improved by 60% 

With cidaas to better customer experience! cidaas significantly optimized registration and login processes and thus improved the customer experience for all users. Even more, cidaas reduced the effort for service and support staff and increased the efficiency of service teams. 

High security and DSGVO compliance with the leading European Cloud Identity & Access Management cidaas

Increased security and GDPR compliance 

cidaas increased security and GDPR compliance
cidaas offers high security and a GDPR-compliant European cloud service. In addition, cidaas offers with its extensive feature set important functions to easily implement the requirements around the GDPR and data protection.

Highest availability and reduced downtime for business success with cidaas

Reduced downtime

Increased availability and 99.99% SLA for business success! 
cidaas offers increased availability and a geo-redundant cloud environment with a 99.99% SLA. The high availability and stability of cidaas ensured the business success of customers and avoided unnecessary downtime that led to business losses.

Shortest time-to-market with cidaas and the feature-complete Cloud Identity & Access Management Plattform

Faster time to market

Time-to-market decreased from 3 months to 2 weeks with cidaas! 
With a large feature set and shortened development times, cidaas had a significant and positive impact on time-to-market. Customers implemented new requirements and ideas quickly and introduced new portals in less time. 

Solution requirements of our customers

Requirements for modern cloud identity & access management - cidaas
  • A flexible solution with extensive feature set for easy integration and implementation.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to improve security.
  • A centralized platform for all users and a scalable software architecture.
  • Improved customer experience and transparent view of customer
  • A high system availability and low downtime.
  • A reliable and efficient customer service with local support.
  • GDPR compliance and focus on privacy and security.
  • Always-up-to-date – in terms of authentication and compliance requirements.

Customer testimonials before and after using cidaas as CIAM

Before the introduction of cidaas

  • Little flexibility & long development times for customized individual customer portals
  • Poor customer experience and no uniform logins and access to different portals
  • No compliance with GDPR guidelines
  • High downtime due to low availability
  • Limited functionalities

After the introduction of cidaas

  • Increased flexibility and shorter development times through
  • Uniform identity & login across all channels
  • GDPR compliant cloud service
  • Stable and secure cloud environment and low downtime
  • Extensive range of functions

We have one central place for all customer information due to cidaas. So, customers don’t need to remember five different logins and we will not pay additional for the same individual that has registered five times.

Managing director IT, food retail

We implemented the login UI and the profile user interface within only a few weeks when we first started using cidaas. This work is used today, and we don’t need it to redevelop new login UIs.

Head of digital innovation lab, manufacturing

The whole registration and login process is way more transparent with cidaas. It allows us to identify issues without the client even asking or complaining.

Senior software developer, insurance

Forrester Consulting, part of research and advisory firm Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, was commissioned by cidaas to calculate the potential Total Economic Impact™ and provide it in the form of a detailed study to aid decision-making.

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