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Request our free factsheets now, improve your know-how and learn how cidaas can help you get your company ready for the future. Our factsheets highlight important trends in Identity & Access Management and provide insights for the use of cidaas in different industries.

cidaas for the Healthcare sector

We summarised the most important reasons for using a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management in the Healthcare sector – download the Healthcare factsheet.

cidaas for the retail industry

Let’s have a look how an innovative Cloud Identity & Access Management is boosting the retail industry! CIAM in the retail industry highlights some of the added-values by cidaas.

cidaas for insurance business

Customer First: Insurance companies need to recognize, understand, enable and retain their customers. Find out in this factsheet how cidaas helps to get insurance sales ready for the future.

cidaas for financial service providers

Can a CIAM solution help financial institutions balance innovation and regulatory compliance? Read the factsheet to learn how cidaas helps financial institutions meet the requirements of the PSD2 regulation while ensuring a consistent strategy for the digital transformation of financial services providers.

cidaas for Media Houses

Multi-channel operation opens up new possibilities for you and your customers. In this factsheet you will learn how our Cloud Identity & Access Management cidaas helps you to digitalize your sales and create added value for your customers.

cidaas for theme parks

Adrenalin, fun, and unique moments, the user journey through a theme park is an adventure for every visitor. Before the park visit, during or after – with cidaas you recognize your visitors at all touch points and transform every moment into a unique, personal highlight. In this fact sheet you will learn how cidaas ensure a continuous customer journey in Theme parks and thus offer the visitor an adventure trip with personalized highlights.

All about IAM, CIAM and IAM vs. CIAM

The topic (customer) Identity Management is becoming increasingly important in the context of advancing digitization – but what is the right solution for your business?Get the complete package of our 3 Identity Management Factsheets now. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about IAM and CIAM.

cidaas for Sports Clubs

Know how a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management like cidaas can help a sports club to better manage customers and members and how sports clubs benefit from group management? We show it to you in this factsheet.

cidaas for energy service providers

Smart grid, e-mobility, smart home, smart and connected devices. Multi-channel services require efficient management of all stakeholders. Take a look how cidaas helps energy service providers as a modern CIAM.

cidaas ID Validator for Identity Validation

Fast, comfortable, and secure dvalidation. In this factsheet you will learn how cidaas ID validator ensures safe and convenient mobility by driver’s license verification within a few seconds.



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