WebAuthn and Passkeys

Create a secure and user-friendly authentication using WebAuthn and Passkeys.

WebAuthn Passkeys

What are WebAuthn and Passkeys and what are they for?

WebAuthn and Passkeys replace traditional passwords with biometric features, security keys or verified devices, which not only increases security by eliminating the weakest link in the security chain – the password – but also makes phishing nearly impossible.

With cidaas, the leading European Cloud Identity & Access Management, companies can offer their users passwordless authentication with passkeys out-of-the-box. It is one of many additional verification methods that cidaas brings to the table. This ensures a secure and seamless user experience for their employees and customers.


WebAuthn is an open standard for web-based authentication developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the FIDO Alliance. The term “WebAuthn” is an abbreviation for “Web Authentication”. This standard allows users to securely log in to web services and applications without having to use traditional passwords. Thus, it provides a secure and user-friendly method for authenticating and verifying your identity on the Internet.



Passkeys are the platform-specific implementations of WebAuthn and provide secure and convenient authentication – unlike traditional passwords that can be easily hacked or stolen. The concept behind it is this: A passkey consists of a public key on a website’s server and a corresponding private key on a device e.g. cell phone, tablet, etc. When logging in, it is verified that the public key matches the private key by the user using the appropriate unlocking method e.g. fingerprint, face scan, etc. In this way, access remains secure and the private keys and biometric data remain on the devices.

Passwordless authentication with WebAuthn and Passkeys!

WebAuthn, as the leading standard for secure web authentication, seamlessly integrates passkeys into the authentication process. Instead of relying on passwords (which people tend to forget), WebAuthn enables Passkeys to be used in conjunction with other biometric or hardware-based authentication methods. This combination provides a multi-factor security solution that offers the highest level of protection against cyber threats. By implementing WebAuthn with Passkeys, you can ensure that their systems and data are protected from the latest attack methods while providing a seamless and user-friendly authentication experience.

With the WebAuthn standard integrated in cidaas, passkeys can be used for passwordless authentication. With passkeys, the verification process is no longer tied to a single device. Verifications can thus be performed device-independently with the device that is currently available.

Passwordless authentication with email (Magic Links) and SMS
ecure and easy login with high usability!

Optimal user experience

Secure and easy login with high usability!

Passwords are easy to hack and are often forgotten!

Passwords are insecure

Passwörter sind leicht zu hacken und werden of vergessen!

Device-independent verification

Device-independent verification

Simple and cross-device verification procedure!

High security and protection against phising & other security breaches!

Highest security

High security and protection against phising & other security breaches!

Why WebAuthn & Passkeys?

WebAuthn and Passkeys replace traditional passwords with biometric features and security keys, which not only increases security but also makes phishing nearly impossible. Thanks to these technologies, cidaas enables easy integration of passwordless authentication for secure and user-friendly logins in companies.

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Passkeys now in use at Google

Google has taken a significant step towards secure & convenient authentication. From now on, users will be prompted to set up passwordless authentication when logging in.

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