Uniform consent management: from cookie to login everything in cidaas

Einheitliches Consent Management: von Cookie bis Login alles in cidaas
08.07.2020 / 11:30 Uhr

Trust and loyalty play an enormously important role in today’s world. In addition to implementing the regulatory requirements, a DSGVO-compliant consent management system also conveys a trusting approach to user data and ensures that consent is obtained in a way that is transparent and comprehensible for the user. In this context, it is important to manage a wide variety of consents simply, quickly and centrally, as well as to play them out across channels. From cookie consent, registration or login to action-based consent collection in the process, e.g. when passing on personal data to third parties, cidaas provides the complete range of functions out-of-the-box.

What to expect in the webinar:

In this webinar, we will take a look at the requirements that the GDPR places on every company. We will pay special attention to the digital channels, such as your website, mobile apps and other digital services you offer to your users. Among other things, you can expect the following:

  • Consent during registration
  • Consent at login
  • Versioning of consents and documents requiring consent
  • Cookie Consent and the link with the user

The speaker


Sadrick Widmann

Managing Director, Widas ID

Sadrick Widmann is Chief Product Officer of cidaas, the first customer identity and access management system developed and hosted in Germany. He knows and understands the requirements associated with a digitalised world and helps customers build identity-based business models.