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REHAU combines Single Sign-On over all channels with central consent management to ensure a consistent customer journey.

The REHAU Group has been producing polymer-based solutions for the construction, automotive and industrial sectors for over 70 years. With more than 170 locations worldwide, the company has various online portals for various product ranges for B2B and B2C customers. In order to map a consistent Single Sign-On (SSO) across the various applications on the one hand and to offer individual login and registration processes for each portal on the other, REHAU decided, after evaluating several providers, to use cidaas as central Customer Identity and Access Management.



Single sign-on via different company portals


Two-factor authentication


Individual registration and login processes per application



Single sign-on enables seamless customer journey across multiple applications


A central platform for all types of consents


Two-factor authentication via TOTP (one-time password) for secure authorization of the User


Seamless integration of cidaas into existing apps and digital assistants such as Alexa about APIs and webhooks.


Before we have decided for cidaas, we have already tested several Identity Management Systems and worked together with other provider for several years. However, none of the systems were able to meet all our requirements “out-of-the-box”. With cidaas, we have now found the optimal software suite for us, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, which has completely implemented our requirements in just 3 months project time. Cidaas delivers what it promises and is “fast, secure and unrivalled Swabian.

Alexander Mietzke

Head of Digital Technologies at REHAU AG + Co

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