cidaas links the authentication of digital and real identities – for comprehensive security management

Wimsheim 22.10.2018

Access controls, e.g. to server rooms, are just as important in the context of data protection and commissioned data processing as digital authorisation management. For both areas, cidaas now offers a comprehensive solution for mid-sized companies as well as for large enterprises.

cidaas controls both the digital access of employees and customers, for example to supplier portals and access to premises. This provides companies with a central, comprehensive tool for user identity and access management via the cloud. Using the most modern authentication methods, the identity of a user is unambiguously established. Cidaas supports face recognition as one of the multi-factor authentication methods (MFA). In addition to voice, fingerprint and pattern recognition, TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) and Smart Push as well as e-mail, SMS, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), backup codes and FIDO (Fast IDentity Online)-based verification are also available.

In addition, cidaas uses NFC technology (Near Field Communication). If the face is used as a unique identification feature for access controls, IP cameras are installed on the corresponding doors. Administrators can scan staff images and assign users or user groups to specific doors or areas. Based on access permissions, access for personnel can now be allowed or restricted with the help of IP Cameras.

Through proactive reporting as well as warnings and notifications in case of suspicious activities, cidaas ensures the protection of data and rooms.

Cidaas is so designed, that only minimal manual intervention is required and it can be seamlessly integrated into existing security systems such as surveillance doors and burglar alarms.

Monitoring around the clock, hosted on German servers, 24/7 service, and the reduced time and costs make cidaas one of the leading authentication tools.

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