Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication provides the highest measure of security and user convenience. Therefore, for financial service providers as well as in other areas such as health technology or administration, biometrics is a future-oriented technology.

The use of biometrics for the automated recognition of persons is based on the uniqueness of each individual. So, for biometric authentication:

  • Face,
  • Fingerprint,
  • Eye iris or
  • Voice can be used.

Test biometrics now!

With the cidaas Authenticator app, users can identify and authenticate themselves easily and securely using face, speech recognition or Touch-ID.

cidaas has thus built a Customer Identity Management System based on future-oriented factors for an exceptional multi-factor authentication.

With the demo tool „cidaas in action“ you can now test the of biometric options all by yourself. Simply register and download the cidaas Authenicator app, for biometric authentication.

The app offers:

  • Face Detection: Identifies users with advanced, biometric facial features.
  • TouchID: identification using fingerprint.
  • Pattern: Identify using a user-drawn pattern.
  • Push notification: Identification using the accreditation of the device used.
  • TOTP: A one-time, time-limited code used for identification.

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