WidasConcepts offers a secure cloud solution for mid-sized enterprises

Central Login for websites increases Customer satisfaction
Wimsheim, 12. October 2016What is already a standard in E-Commerce, is now also of interest to mid-sized companies, who want to provide their customers a secure access to their portals, webshops or mobile apps. With the cloud software „Customer Identity Management as a Service“ (cidaas), customers can comfortably register with an existing social-media account and an no additional registration is required. Providers profit form a quick implementation on one hand and on the other from trasparent and plannable costs.

WidasConcepts offers a secure cloud solution for mid-sized enterprises
Whether in gastronomy or in hotel industry, for craftsmen or event organizers: As soon as something gets purchased online, in order to protect user-identity, the businesses use very often an individual account management method. This mandatory login where of course a password is involved, can many a times, hinder the users from accessing the services, let alone benefit from it.

Comfort login without an additional registration
WidasConcepts has the perfect solution: With cidaas offers the IT-Consulting-Firm a secure and scalable cloud software for social logins across all channels. Using Big Data technologies it is possible to clearly identify each person, who logs in or registers.

Secure and scalable software for customer management
WidasConcepts provides the service from the secure cloud hosted in Germany. The integration is simple. No additional resources required for the operation, software updates and maintainence of the system. cidaas assumes the corporate identity of the Firm and is invisible to the user.
Even pricing wise is the solution from WidasConcepts interesting: The mid-sized firm can choose the right package and therefore has good transparency and plannability of costs. „Companies get an Out-of-the-box complete thought out solution that offer their customers a very secure and comfortable access to their portals, apps and services“, says Thomas Widmann, Founder, CEO, WidasConcepts. „This improves the usablity and strengthens the customer loyalty. Mid sized companies with customer contacts can thus build a real win-win situation.“ WidasConcepts supports mid sized companies additionally in implementating cidaas.

About WidasConcepts GmbH
The innovative IT consulting company WidasConcepts supports its customers since 1997 in successfully shaping their business processes. WidasConcepts develops modern and future-oriented concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, as well as mobile and web-solutions. It aims to create intelligent business solutions that brings more success to the customers in the competitive market. The company serves its customers strategically from the business analysis up to the implementation of the overall solution for a wide variety of platforms and end-devices. WidasConcepts transports the bigger picture of IT. The company headquartered in Wimsheim near Stuttgart. Along with the branch office in Bangalore, India, it has currently 80 employees and is a member of the high-tech Association BITKOM.

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