SachsenEnergie AG, the largest municipal utility in Eastern Germany, continues its digital transformation with cidaas

SachsenEnergie AG, the largest municipal utility in Eastern Germany, continues its digital transformation with cidaas

SachsenEnergie AG , headquartered in the heart of Saxony, is the largest municipal utility in East Germany and reliably supplies people, companies and local authorities with electricity, gas, heat, water, fast internet, energy-related services, and modern infrastructure. The enterprise is now driving its digital transformation with cidaas to provide unified Customer Identity & Access Management for a wide range of customer applications. SachsenEnergie is thus developing from a pure energy supplier into a fully comprehensive, modern energy service provider.


Revolutionary developments are rapidly changing the energy sector, e.g., increasing digitalization has led to numerous changes around services, where the management of customer and user identities is becoming one of the most important factors. We are certain that the digital transformation SachsenEnergie AG is driving with cidaas will create a great customer experience and increase competitiveness.

Sadrick Widmann

CEO, cidaas

By joining forces, SachsenEnergie is meeting the demands of the future, growing together, and making new alliances – strong together for the region. As a company with a strong regional connection, SachsenEnergie is breaking new ground in terms of sustainability and security of supply and is constructively promoting the energy transition in Saxony and the region. The implementation of cidaas includes the introduction of a modern, innovative Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) as a digital basis for the implementation of customer and partner platforms. In a first step, cidaas will be integrated into the grid connection portal. In this way, customers, installers, and grid customer advisors can be connected directly when registering for the grid connection. This raises efficiency, saves time, and increases customer satisfaction by simplifying the process. cidaas thus offers a uniform solution for a wide range of customer applications, e.g., the central administration of users and extensive authorization via groups and roles. SachsenEnergie uses an extensive feature set of the cidaas platform for this purpose:

  • Introduction of an innovative CIAM and integration into customer and partner platforms,
  • Group and role management for fine-grained authorization and easy administration of different user groups such as customers and installers,
  • A mature and GDPR-compliant consent management,
  • Integration into the development of the grid connection portal,
  • and lot more.

In cidaas, SachsenEnergie has found a strong partner to drive its digitization forward without losing sight of the needs of its customers.