We look back on a successful cidaas connect 2023!

We look back on a successful cidaas connect 2023!

The kick-off of the first cidaas connect live summit on 20 & 21 September at the Europa-Park in Rust was a complete success. Under the motto “Meet.Learn.Connect”, IAM experts, technology enthusiasts and digital decision-makers from all over Germany were drawn to the (C)IAM Live Summit by cidaas to venture a joint look into the future of Cloud Identity & Access Management.

Presentations & panel talks at cidaas connect 2023:

cidaas connect 2023 featured an informative line-up of talks and panel discussions highlighting the latest trends and challenges in IAM.


The exclusive speakers generously shared their vast knowledge and rich experiences with us. The informative presentations enlivened our event and sparked interesting conversations. Significant topics in identity management were discussed during cidaas connect 2023. These ranged from the latest security trends to best practices in user identification. How important is effective identity management? How can companies improve the user experience without compromising security? These questions and many others were addressed in exciting discussions.

Sadrick Widmann

CEO cidaas

The presentations showed how new technologies can make digital identity more secure and convenient. A huge thank you goes to all our speakers! Simply great.

Networking & the exchange with like-minded people:

In addition to the insightful presentations, cidaas connect 2023 also offered plenty of networking opportunities. Participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with like-minded people, experts and potential business partners. These interactive conversations helped strengthen connections in the IAM community and generate new ideas and business potential.

Partner booths – time to get to know the cidaas partners

At the partner booths, attendees were able to learn first-hand how cidaas partners are successfully deploying cidaas IAM solutions for customers to meet security and identity needs.


We’re super excited to have been a partner at this year’s cidaas connect with a booth and on stage. It was a super opportunity to network, socialize and of course enjoy the evening event. We’ll be happy to come back – see you next year.

Ramona Huber

Product Marketing Manager, Uniserv GmbH 

In addition to cidaas partners, there were also numerous customers on site who were able to talk about their experiences regarding the integration & use of cidaas as well as about topics beyond that.

“Hands up” – A rousing western show closes the first day of cidaas connect 2023

The supporting program of cidaas connect 2023 rounded off the event in an entertaining way. Receiving a cowboy hat, the participants said goodbye to day 1 and started into a shared western evening, which offered excellent food, drink and a western show, as well as numerous networking opportunities. The social gathering allowed participants to continue their conversations and discussions while enjoying the pleasant ambience.

In summary, cidaas connect 2023 was a great success, inspiring and networking the IAM community. The informative presentations, renowned speakers, the opportunity to exchange ideas and the entertaining social program all contributed to making this event a highlight in the field of Identity & Access Management. You can already look forward to next year, when it is again time for Meet.Learn.Connect at cidaas connect 2024! We are already looking forward to welcoming you there!

Special thanks go of course to all our partners, speakers & colleagues as well as to smartEvents, Europa-Park & Team Beinert for their support. Thank you very much.