Together we revolutionize (C)IAM! - Standardize what's important and simplify what's complex

Together we revolutionize (C)IAM! – Standardize what’s important and simplify what’s complex

“Let’s be friends!” – that is the philosophy of amiconsult GmbH when it comes to partnerships, and now amiconsult GmbH is a system integrator of cidaas. In our joint projects, cidaas and amiconsult GmbH focus on successful digitization, close cooperation in decision-making processes and uncomplicated communication. Trust and sincerity are the fundamental factors of this partnership, and customers will certainly look forward to becoming stronger together.


cidaas and amiconsult GmbH are now partners to revolutionize the (C)IAM needs of our common customers, refine their system security measures, standardize what is important, simplify what is complex and much more – and last but not least to provide better revenues. cidaas is delighted to welcome amiconsult GmbH as a cidaas system integrator.

Levent Kara

Partner Manager, cidaas

As a customer-oriented partner, amiconsult GmbH shapes the large field of personal data and digital identities with its customers and guarantees intelligent process optimizations with its agile service management. amiconsult GmbH has made it to its business to approach projects pragmatically, always adapting to the individual needs of the customer. Since its foundation, amiconsult GmbH has focused on SAP Cloud products and Identity & Access Management to accompany customers with their expert knowledge to the next evolutionary stage of digital transformation. Customer Identity Management enables customers to create unique shopping experiences and build long-term customer loyalty through outstanding customer service. amiconsult GmbH offers customers the exclusive IAM benefits such as:

  • Providing customers with exceptional service
  • Digitizing customer data
  • Establishing the connection between online and offline
  • Getting to know the customers right

With cidaas as a software partner for identity and access management solutions, we have found a reliable and competent partner that we can use for our customer projects with a clear conscience. We look forward to working together, also in the future!

Achim Uhrig

CEO, amiconsult GmbH

About cidaas

cidaas, the European cloud identity and access management system from Widas ID GmbH, delivers an out-of-the-box solution for federated identities, Single Sign-On and Multi-factor Authentication. With cidaas, companies create unique user identification and maximum security across all channels. Based on the standards OAuth2.0, OpenID and its “Everything is an API” architecture, cidaas can be seamlessly integrated into any software landscape and scales effortlessly up to many millions of users.