World-wide 4 out of 5 data breaches arise from weak or stolen passwords

Initiative Bye Bye Password: With advanced login we create more comfort and security for users on digital channels.

“Your password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a number and a special character.” We are all too familiar with the failure of password guidelines.

Some time ago we were relying only on passwords that we needed to secure our digital lives. Over time, the passwords lost their value as we users began to reuse an endless series of easy to guess phrases. This is not surprising. With countless accounts with different password policies, it became impossible to remember them all.

Furthermore, the underlying technology also made passwords vulnerable to a variety of attacks. For example, phishing attacks.

Let us get some facts: Weak or stolen passwords are responsible for an average of four out of five global data breaches.

If we free ourselves from passwords, then:

Our users can smoothly use the offered digital services. Our interest in the registration of a user has different sides. First, we want to recognize our customers, create a personal experience, and create new added value. Secondly, we do not, as a matter of principle, want someone unknown to us to use the digital service. Third, the user has certain rights to perform tasks. By identifying the user, he can use the system accordingly.

The users’ authentication is therefore important. The end devices that are used can look very different. On a smartphone, for example, complex character strings are not practical. The manufacturers recognized this early on and created mechanisms such as Android Fingerprint, TouchID or FaceID. If gloves are worn at work, the fingerprint is not a sophisticated authentication method.

Protect our users from identity theft

A password is a secret word or string of characters used for user authentication to prove identity.
For a long time, the BSI has issued guidelines on when a password is considered secure and how often a new password should be issued. Meanwhile, they have distanced themselves from this because as soon as guidelines are known, it is even easier for attackers. In the blog Identity Theft: The 3 most frequent hacker attacks it becomes clear why password fewer procedures are important.

Secure our systems against unauthorized access

In addition to protecting users, we also use password-free procedures to prevent unauthorized access to the system. In addition to internal company data, we also protect ourselves against activities on the system that could damage the company.

Let us create more efficiency in the company

The volume of passwords and password changes make the use of internal applications time-consuming for employees as well. The password forgetting processes are also complex and expensive.

The motto is “Bye password, hello modern login”: passwordless authentication is nothing but using authentication methods that we already know from mobile devices, or one-time passwords, such as e-mail, push and many more. With the help of advanced authentication methods, users can be offered a better digital experience.

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