WIDAS vs. COVID-19: Hand in Hand zur digitalen Lösung in Zeiten der Pandemie

We vs. COVID-19: hand in hand to the digital solution

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, we have also decided to consider the recommendations of the Government and the WHO. We have decided to limit personal contact within the company to a great extent, therefore our employees can work from their homes until Easter. Our offered services will not be limited, as we can fall back on our cloud infrastructure despite the decentralization. We mainly rely on software such as Office 365 with MS-Teams to avoid restricting the work efficiency within the team.

On 11 March 2020, the international spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus has declared a pandemic. The number of cases is increasing enormously worldwide. Meanwhile, the virus is also restricting public life in Germany. The new guidelines of the Federal Government (as of 23 March 2020) for restricting social contacts provide for unprecedented conditions. Both in private everyday life and in professional life, new challenges lie ahead. For many, an efficient digital solution is essential to maintain economic operations. We are here for you to help you through the crisis.

Staying together in times of pandemic: Creating a unique digital solution.

The spread of the virus will be responsible for lasting and far-reaching changes in the economy. Nearly all organizations will have to resort to digitalized solutions and make lasting changes to their everyday working lives. Making systems accessible from the home office within the shortest possible time and being able to offer services to customers digitally is an immense challenge. The demand for digital channels has grown exponentially in times of pandemic and we want to support you in meeting this demand.

For that reason, we wanted to give you a little guidance: We will help you. As the 2010 “GfK/Serviceplan” survey shows, market shares lost in a crisis cannot be recovered in a subsequent growth phase. So, the most important thing from an economic point of view should first be to make companies’ systems securely available for external access and to create digital sales and collaboration channels so that operations do not stagnate. Together, we can work to develop a unique digital solution tailored to your needs and get through this period together.

Today design the solution for the future. From conception, development, operation, and maintenance, we are at your side and provide strategic advice on-trend topics related to digitization such as IoT, AI, and Big Data. With the help of modern cloud solutions, the entire company infrastructure can be adapted sustainably and efficiently. This includes, for example, optimizing data traffic, monitoring and setting up your IT infrastructure, setting up convenient security and change management, and productive service monitoring. Redesign your digital footprint today.

Cloud IAM software for free: Protecting digital identities in the age of COVID-19

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are ruthlessly exploiting the pandemic for their own benefit. Phishing mails, malware, contaminated info maps and countless Trojans are currently circulating around the topic of COVID-19. No company can foresee such a situation. Due to the urgency it is almost impossible to make the systems available from the home office, to create new digital distribution channels and at the same time to protect the systems sufficiently. Together we can stand up to hackers.

“In most cases, their goal is to steal data such as passwords or credit card numbers.” (BSI, 2020)

For the protection of such sensitive data, a Cloud IAM System (Cloud Identity and Access Management System) can be used. With this system, digital identities can be conveniently managed and your systems can be comprehensively protected. Functions such as 2-factor or passwordless authentication enable your employees or customers to be protected extensively on your digital channels against potential identity theft. With the Single Sign-On function, your employees can use all your services conveniently and securely with just one authentication through a single login, so that you can significantly reduce the scope for phishing attacks, for example. With the help of rights, group and role management you keep the overview and can easily and quickly manage and authorize rights and access.

Due to the present situation we offer our Cloud Identity & Access Management – cidaas for 6 months free of charge. Herewith we want to show our solidarity towards SMEs and other companies in times of pandemic. We can overcome everything if we stand together.

Glimpse into the future

Due to the forced conversion to digital business fields as well as digital working methods, companies are also prepared for the time after the crisis and can even benefit from it. Faster communication channels and greater reach represent added value for every company. Once implemented, a digital infrastructure offers a high level of comfort for every employee, business partner and customer as well as security and long-term cost savings for every entrepreneur.

See the present circumstances as an opportunity and prepare for the future together with us!

Your WIDAS team

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