Identity and Access Management: The business driver to boost sales in the Retail industry

Customer Identity Management is the recipe for success when it comes to making Customer Journey safe and exceptional
Yael Widmann, Business Development

With the retail industry being one of the worst hit by the digital disruption wave, the most dynamic retail brands are becoming more customer-centric. Today’s digitally empowered customers yearn for more – they expect a unique shopping experience each time. Hence providing exceptional omnichannel experience has become one of the most critical goals that retailers have to achieve. A diverse range of digital & physical shopping options would only mean a diverse and humungous amount of data to manage! And this is exactly why Identity and Access management has evolved over time into a “must-have” critical business enabler that not only provides the omnichannel experience but also makes the organization more successful.

So how is such an omnichannel experience accomplished?

The customer is given the same identity across all channels, enabling the delivery of a personalized shopping experience while ensuring data protection

Easy and convenient registration for better conversions

Asking users to fill extensive forms, requesting for verification at the initial stages of the customer-conversation and the like are things of the past – In today’s digital world, this is enough reason for customers to turn to other competitors who provide them seamless access to their services.

Cidaas enables an easy and convenient registration process

  • Social Login allows the end user to register with their Social network accounts.
  • Progressive or intelligent profiling allows the creation of forms with minimal data entry requirements
  • Single Sign On (SSO) enables end-users to log on to all devices and platforms

In short: With the login and registration features, retailers are sure to make an impressive start with their customers!

Holistic User profiles to identify your customers, understand them better and provide a unique shopping experience

To begin with, understanding your customer, their behavior & interests and insights into their decision-making traits would prove crucial in delivering the experience of their choice – to keep them hooked to your business.

Cidaas CIAM solution plays a pivotal role here – like fixing the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, cidaas analyses each of the interactions of the customer in course of time, join the dots and assesses if it was the same customer who made all these interactions and, with the help of its “progressive user profiling”, incrementally & step-by-step, builds a holistic profile of the customer. This helps is delivering personalized content and the appealing experience to the user that results in brand loyalty.

Connecting digital and real-world identities: Real time marketing across all channels

cidaas goes one step further and enables the identification of digital customers in the real world – Thanks to the feature “Real World Identification”. A link between the two identities (real world and digital) can be accomplished with the help of installed IP cameras, beacons or NFC-based devices such as smartphones. This extends the Omni-Channel experience to include the stationary point-of-sale and allows retailers to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Consider the scenario in which the customer is in the vicinity of your store – cidaas leverages beacons to identify the customer and correspondingly present customized offers on his registered mobile devices, that entice him into visiting your store. Or, say, the customer is already in your store – cidaas could inform the customer about special offers or discounts.

Want to track customer traffic within your store? Cidaas uses NFC technology and IP cameras to help you figure out the most and least visited areas of your store – accordingly, you may want to consider refining your marketing strategies.

cidaas can be easily integrated into existing systems through open interfaces and offers plenty of scope for customization – from the defining the fields to be displayed on the registration pages to the design of an individual look and feel.

It’s not too late to seriously consider investing in an all-in-one comprehensive and reliable CIAM solution like cidaas – because the goal is not to just to sell a product, but to build a long-lasting relationship of confidence and faith with the customer.

Read our freely downloadable factsheet to know more about how retailers can profit from a CIAM solution.

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