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Passwords are like undergarments. You must not allow them to be seen, they have to be changed regularly, and should not be swapped with strangers.” – Chris Pirillo would say now. The KuppingerCole analysts took a close look at cidaas and published an executive view on our modern customer identity management solution.

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The Executive View outlines cidaas and summarizes the basic and prominent features of cidaas very well. An elementary advantage of cidaas lies in its modern micro service architecture, which enables a clean separation and scaling of the individual services as well as continuous improvement. In addition, cidaas impresses with its extensive application of Big Data technologies and concepts. For example, cidaas Fraud Detection creates several additional layers of security and intelligently queries in a second factor, if required, from the extensive set of multifactors (Multifactor Authentication). With the various multifactor methods, a Password-free authentication is also available. Moreover, cidaas recognizes itself as the event trigger of the business software and supports the personalization of services and automation of marketing. An analysis of the user behaviour serves as the foundation, based on which the business software is informed on the particular behaviour of the User in Real time, the simplest example here, being the change of an iOS follower on Android devices!

Our “Real World Identification” services were also highlighted by KuppingerCole. With these functionalities, it is possible to link the real identitiy with the digital identity, and to cater to the customer and his needs in a better and personalized way. With its SDKs for iOS and Android, for example, cidaas helps to recognize users in local shops via geofencing or beacons and creates a link to the user’s digital activities. Thus, a personalized shopping experience in a local business facility of a company is made possible.

cidaas is rounded off with its very good Consent Management functionalities (Compliance management). Cidaas follows the Kanatara Consent Receipt specifications and offers many additional features that not only accommodates the GDPR but also allows a flexible approach to the most diverse use cases. This includes, for example, the ability to provide the Consent not only at login, but also based on action and context.

cidaas convinces not only with its extensive set of functions / features, but also with its flexible expandability options, which are also essentially built on the Microservice architecture. For example, it is very easy to integrate further multifactors or own connectors for connecting to an existing user base. In this way, cidaas is optimal and easy to integrate into the IT landscape.

Read the complete Executive View here.

By participating in the Customer Identity World (CIW) in Amsterdam and Singapore, we are taking the next steps with KuppingerCole. In addition, we are represented at many other conferences in Europe and Asia, ahead of IT-SA in Nuremberg and the Future Banking Summit in Mumbai.

We are also pleased to announce two partnerships with the German Chamber of Commerce to bring cidaas to France and Italy. In this context, we are currently building partnerships with integrators in Italy and France and have also been able to attract some interested parties/customers.

There are of course many more cool and useful features in the pipeline, including new functionalities in the field of “Internet of Things”.

We would like to thank John Tolbert and KuppingerCole for their great review and valuable inputs. We look forward to the Webinar on 11th September and the conferences in Amsterdam and Singapore.

If you want to know more about cidaas, please leave us your contact details and we will contact you. Or register on cidaas-in-action and experience some of our features live!

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