The Power of Identities

The Power of Identities
29.07.2019/ 11.00 AM

Customers today are, like never before, on the move, digitally. They interact across multiple channels and devices, anytime and anywhere. Managing their digital identities is, therefore, becoming more and more important for companies. Only those who know their customers and their needs do successful business – Because the next provider is only a mouse click away.

What you can expect in the Webinar:

CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) plays an important role in the context of digital identities. What exactly is behind the term CIAM and how digital identities can be managed on a single platform is what we want to explore in the webinar. In addition, we provide you with important information on all aspects of digital customer management.

The questions we would be addressing:

  • Why have identities become so important?
  • What functions should a powerful CIAM have?
  • How can you manage your customer identities in a targeted way?

The speaker

Sadrick Widmann

Sadrick Widmann

Managing Director, Widas ID

Sadrick Widmann is Chief Product Officer of cidaas, the first customer identity and access management solution developed and hosted in Germany. He knows and understands the requirements of a digitized world and helps customers build identity-based business models.

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