SMART MFA – multi-factor authentication with comfort and security

SMART MFA - Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit Komfort und Sicherheit
30.09.2020/ 11:30 Uhr

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two-factor authentication (2FA), has become one of the most important tools for protecting data. Finally, media attention has ensured that multi-factor authentication has almost become the standard for companies. Multi-factor authentication uses at least two different factors from the category of knowledge, possession and inherence to provide strong authentication. The authentication methods offered and when multi-factor authentication makes sense for a particular occasion are critical to successful multi-factor authentication. If not, it can quickly be considered annoying and uncomfortable.

Smart multi-factor authentication combines comfort and security. Then only one additional factor is required if it is necessary due to the situation or context. For example, intelligent fraud detection can be used to request a second factor in case of suspicion.

The speaker


Sadrick Widmann

Managing Director, Widas ID

Sadrick Widmann is Chief Product Officer of cidaas, the first customer identity and access management system developed and hosted in Germany. He knows and understands the requirements associated with a digitalised world and helps customers build identity-based business models.