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Shopware customer account with cidaas – extension

In shopware Single Sign-On, Social Logins, Consent management and more out-of- the box

More comfort with customer login in your shop

Quick and easy to use the shop, to purchase, to get the right recommendations and to collect points – these are the things customers will wish for. Social loginsingle sign-onconsent management – amaze your customers with convenient access to your shop without long registration forms and tedious password-forgotten processes.

single sign on

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow your customers to use the same account to access all your digital channels and the shop for a consistent login experience.

social login

Social Login

Offer your customers a simple registration and login to your shop via social login providers such as Facebook, LinkedIn or others.

cidaas login

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure access to your shop and protect your users’ identities with multi-factor authentication that includes unique biometric factors such as face, voice, fingerprint and FIDO-based checks.


Consent Management & Cookie Management

Maintain GDPR compliance. With the integrated consent management, you can easily manage and version your consent, query it during registration and login, but also obtain an event-related consent from the user.

cidaas dashboard shopware

Why cidaas?

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    Fast & easy integration

    Just use the cidaas Shopware plugin for integration into your shop. Also, on all other channels cidaas can be easily integrated with our SDKs.

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    Adaptable and customised

    With cidaas, you can completely customize your login and registration UIs, configure templates e.g. for your welcome mail and define the authentication procedures you want to offer to your customers.

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    Data protection and security

    Since cidaas is a ” software hosted in Germany”, it complies with the EU-GDPR. With the integrated fraud detection, you protect your digital identities securely.

cidaas admin dashboard typo3

How to integrate?

That is how it works: Extension for Shopware

  1. Log in to your cidaas instance or create a cidaas instance by clicking
  2. Create an app. This gives you a unique ID (Client ID) for your shopware application.
  3. Go to your Shopware Shop and search for an extension by the search words “social login” or “cidaas” or click directly on the link to the plugin

  4. Configure the settings of the Shopware extension with your uniqueID / ClientID from cidaas. The precise installation instructions for cidaas in Typo3 can be found here:

Perfect, you did it!

Need more help to integrate?

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