How online shopping is becoming customer experience

WidasConcepts: Gaining the competitive edge with cidaas.

Wimsheim, 5. July 2017The customer identity management solution cidaas from WidasConcepts is an adequate e-commerce tool that enables accurate analysis of customer needs – in real-time. Business owners can act more goal-oriented, are able to address buyers in a personalized manner and benefit from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you are using Internet services today, you are not only expecting comprehensive, but above all tailored services: customers are confronted with a flood of offers on a day to day basis and are often pestered by this – especially when they are far from their needs and wants. Inaccurately addressed approaches and offers diminish customer loyalty and in extreme cases even lead to total rejection of dealers and retailers.

More perspective in the E-Commerce Jungle

In recent years, the purchasing behavior of customers has been subject to a change that cannot be looked over upon. Numerous portals on the Internet advertise to the whims of buyers, who wouldn’t mind trying out freebies. The result: an increasing number of user accounts, correspondingly many logins and passwords, which finally fall into oblivion – the chaos is perfect. With cidaas, a cloud service software developed by the IT services company WidasConcepts, customers can choose comfortably as per their individual preference a social media or a standard ID in every portal of their choice. As in real life, every customer or prospective customer has only one identity at cidaas – a single registration is sufficient: the integrated possibility of a single sign-on automatically takes over the identification of the customers or prospective customers. Users can access all services after a one-time authentication from their devices, without having to log in again each time. There is the linking between multiple social identities, such as the one’s in  Facebook and Google+, avoiding multiple registrations – improving user experience and ordering processes alike.

Successfully sell: What does the customer want?

This unique identification by cidaas makes it possible to capture and evaluate customer movements and his information in the e-commerce portal. As a result, each registered customer can be supported and cared for individually. The acquired knowledge, in turn, opens up possibilities to cast a positive influence on a long lasting customer loyalty. What information the user shares, he decides actively along. Each individual customer-specific detail opens up the potential for the dealer to create special offers tailored to the customer and delight him: happy users become loyal buyers.

Shopping cart inclusive of security

Cidaas encounters security and fraud prevention with built-in tools to detect suspected cases and stop fraudulent attacks on the applications. Multi-factor authentication and secure authentication through OAuth2 protocol are used for risk minimization. The cloud software ensures data security for federated identities and includes mechanisms for fraud detection based on Big Data technology. The predictive factors and Big Data analytics enables customer verification and detection of fraudsters. Based in Germany, WidasConcepts is able to offer the highest safety standards.
Cidaas can be integrated into the existing day-to-day IT infrastructure and can be up and running in a short time, with an unchanged user interface corresponding to your corporate branding and including company-specific apps and tools. It is scalable and can be used across domains, devices and platforms. The system is constantly maintained and updated by WidasConcepts, so businesses can concentrate fully on their core competencies.

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