Together we can achieve more! - Uniserv and cidaas enter into a technology partnership

Together we can achieve more! – Uniserv and cidaas enter into a technology partnership

Based on the motto “We Love Data!”, Uniserv is committed to combining technologies, processes, and services to ensure high data quality and a 360° customer view across all areas and channels. By matching customer-related data from different systems, optimizing business partner data and eliminating duplicates, Uniserv enriches the data to generate real-time insights, which in the age of technology are a prerequisite for intelligent decision-making processes. Uniserv and cidaas are now entering into a technology partnership, so that Uniserv and cidaas now complement each other in the range of services.


We are delighted to have found a partner in Uniserv who increases the quality of customer and business partner data and thus optimizes a clean database in terms of correctness, completeness, relevance, consistency, and timeliness and thus paves the way for a better customer journey. We look forward to continuing cidaas’ mission of driving digitalization and working closely with Uniserv to complement cidaas’ services and make them yet more comprehensive.

Levent Kara

Partner Manager, cidaas

Uniserv, with its headquarters in Pforzheim and branches in Paris, France, and Cluj, Romania, is the trusted name in the areas of customer master data and data quality management as well as customer data quality for numerous well-known companies across industries. With several thousand installations worldwide and with solutions, Uniserv helps numerous companies to reach, analyze and understand their customers in a targeted manner. In this way, companies increase the value and sustainability of their customer relationships and optimize their business processes. The Uniserv portfolio comprises four building blocks:

  • Data Quality Solutions that ensure a complete, valid, correct, and accessible database.
  • Services around Identity Resolution, which secure clear, transparent, and legally secure customer data.
  • The Customer Data Hub, which creates the 360° customer view as a resilient basis for data-driven processes and applications.
  • The Consulting competence that realizes customer data projects and turns companies into customer data experts themselves.

The technology partnership between cidaas and Uniserv makes it possible to increase the quality of customer and business partner data and thus optimize a clean database, so that high-quality data management is guaranteed. In addition, Uniserv offers a central platform for determining the unique profiles of all customers, as well as automatic address completion, postal address validation for correct address data and much more. – The comprehensive cidaas services will benefit from Uniserv’s services.


Thanks to the cooperation with cidaas, customers can now enjoy a positive customer experience characterized by a perfect synergy of smooth Identity Management and first-class data quality. Right from the start, you can be sure that you will receive only the best data and thus enjoy an unforgettable customer experience. We can’t wait to enter into more exciting collaborations with cidaas!

Ricardo Becherer

Customer Data Expert, Uniserv