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cidaas was awarded in the Leadership Compass CIAM 2022 by KuppingerCole Analysts!

cidaas was awarded with the highest rating in almost all areas e.g. security, functionality, implementation, compatibility and usability.

cidaas standardizes what is important and simplifies what is complex.

cidaas overview matrix Leadership Compass CIAM 2022

Leadership Compass 2022

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2022, which is published every two years, provides an overview of the market for consumer identity & access management solutions and guides companies in finding the best CIAM solution for their needs. The report considers market segment, vendor product and service capabilities, relative market share, and innovative approaches to delivering CIAM solutions.

cidaas was again able to successfully position itself in the market as the leading European Customer Identity & Access Management and was ranked as Product and Innovation Leader. In doing so, cidaas was able to convince not only with its comprehensive feature set, with functions ranging from single sign-on to multi-factor authentication and consent management, but also with its innovative strength and new features such as a digital identity check and Real World Identification for linking digital and real identities. cidaas is not only developed and hosted in Germany, but also stands for simple, secure and fast integration. 

cidaas as Innovation Leader in the Leadership Compass CIAM 2022 by KuppingerCole.
cidaas as Product Leader in the Leadership Compass CIAM 2022 by KuppingerCole.

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cidaas has excellent features for identity verification, authentication, consent management and device identity management. Organizations in need of an innovative CIAM platform should definitely consider cidaas is definitely worth considering.

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2022

Videocast with Sadrick Widmann

Our CEO Sadrick joined KuppingerCole’s John Tolbert to discuss the Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) market and its trends, innovations and developments. In the videocast, the two talk about the importance of passwordless and risk-based authentication for the customer journey, among other things, and also how a modern CIAM contributes to the customer experience. With verified digital identities and the linking of digital and real identities, the two take a look at current trends and future developments in the market.

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Learn why cidaas is Europe’s leading CIAM

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