google home integration

Extension for Google Home with cidaas

Secure user identities and diverse login providers on your Google Home instances!

Secure and enrich login experience to your Google Assistant

While you focus to get best out of your Google Assistant, let cidaas take care of authenticating
and authorizing access to your Google Assistant with its feature reach integration options

single sign on

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO provides secure and convenient access to all Google Assistant features and sites – with just one click.

social login

Social Login

Enable login to your Google Assistant using all popular social providers, allowing your customers hassle free and quick sign on to your platform.

cidaas login screen

Multifactor Authentication

Secure access to your Google Assistant and protect the identities of your users through multi-factor authentication, that includes unique biometric factors such as face, voice, fingerprint apart from FIDO based verifications


Consent Management

Remain EU-GDPR compliant and give your customers full control over their personal data with the option to edit their consent preferences at any time.

cidaas dashboard google home

Why cidaas

  • 01

    Simplified login

    Easy integration with our SDKs to enable most popular social logins or build your own login, yet keeping simple for your user

  • 02

    Data Privacy

    Empower users to decide what consents they want to provide, by integrating with various consent types offered out of the box

  • 03

    Seamless and Secure

    When you focus to get maximum features from Google Assistant, cidaas will ensure access is secured with underlying fraud detection systems working overtime to ensure safe access.

cidaas admin dashboard google home integration

How to integrate?

To Configure an extension from Typo3

  1. Log-in to your Goole Home as a developer, go to the develop menu and activate Account linking.
  2. Select Oauth as linking type and Authorization code as linking flow.
  3. Go to cidaas dashboard and configure as per instructions in cidaas documentation

That is it. You are Done!

Need more help to integrate?

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