Digital identity validation with the cidaas ID Validator

Digitales Identitätsprüfung mit dem cidaas ID Validator
15.07.2020/ 11:30 CET

Digital identity validation with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning! – With the cidaas ID Validator, the user is guided quickly and comfortably through the identification process. Our AI algorithms ensure a secure authentication of the user and an eIDAS compliant identity verification. The artificial intelligence not only matches unique facial aspects of the ID and the real person, but also checks the presence of the specific security features of IDs, such as holograms. With the cidaas ID Validator you reduce process costs significantly and also inspire with a great user experience.

What to expect in the webinar:

Digital identity checks are becoming more and more important with increasing digitization. Whether for opening an account, signing a mobile contract or for strong authentication when onboarding partners, customers or colleagues. The cidaas ID Validator uses artificial intelligence and machine learning not only to match unique facial points of ID and real person, but also to verify the presence of specific security features of IDs, such as holograms.

The speaker


Yael Widmann

Managing Director Widas ID

Innovative and modern – that’s cidaas Cloud Identity and Access Management. Yael Widmann is Business Development Manager for cidaas and ensures exciting, future-oriented developments with her intuition for upcoming trends around digital identities.