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Introducing the Büro am Draht

Büro am Draht was founded in 1995 and since then has developed into a modern software service provider along a wide range of development tasks and projects. With now more than 130 employees, we work together with our customers in every phase of the digital transformation – from digital strategy to the development of software and IT solutions to operational support.

Digital trends

Digital trends

Digitalisation arrived for good – The team at “Das Büro am Draht” helps you to recognise trends, design modern architectural concepts and conceive digital solutions so that you are even more successful on the market.

Customized software development

“By taking an agile approach to developing adaptable and scalable applications and architectures, our clients are able to consistently deliver personalized customer experiences. We develop resilient and flexible digital infrastructures that let us build the day after tomorrow what tomorrow isn’t even known yet!”

Customised software development
CIAM/IAM Consulting & Integration

CIAM/IAM Consulting & Integration

Did you ever think about managing all identities securely on only one platform? With IAM & CIAM consulting, “Das Büro am Draht” supports you in the introduction of cidaas, as well as all questions you have around the topic of identity and access management.

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Full Life Cycle API Management & API Gateway

The number of APIs is increasing rapidly. Due to innovations, new services and platforms and the Internet of Things, API management is critical for the digitalisation of companies.

The pain point is that as soon as user-related data is accessed, it is no longer possible to secure it purely by API key.

The next steps: OpenId Connect offers a scalable, widespread and future-proof solution.  For security reasons, it is advisable to 1. use professional solutions for the OpenId Connect provider and 2. closely integrate the API gateway with the provider.

For the right choice of API gateway, how the technical configuration with cidaas should ideally look like, and what else you should pay attention to, the experts from “Das Büro am Draht” know

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