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An excellent logo is the soul of a company, condensed into its plainest visual form. Besides identifying us, it also reveals the potential of our company. Consider it as an embassy to our customers and the outside world: it creates plausibility, encourages positive associations and enhances our and also your credibility and professionalism.
Following are the guidelines for using the cidaas trademarks.


  • You are welcome to use the cidaas logos to link to the cidaas website
  • Use our cidaas logo to show your integration with our solutions.
  • You can use the logos in a blog post or in news about our products


  • Use the cidaas logo in all similar products or other business services.
  • Distorting or stretching the logo
  • Recolour the logo
  • Change or add elements of the logo
  • Use it in a misleading or confusing manner or in a way that suggests our promotion, support or affiliation
  • Use the cidaas logo in any way that violates any law, regulation or other public order
  • In any way that infringes the trademarks, copyright or other intellectual property rights of others

cidaas logos

cidaas logo

cidaas brand policies

Generally, no third party is permitted to use the cidaas logo. This page lists the limited circumstances under which third parties may use the cidaas logo. The logo must always be used in accordance with the specifications on this page to identify cidaas or cidaas products or services. Any use outside these specifications is strictly prohibited.

Appropriate use of logos

Quite often our logo serves as an example of cidaas product’s overall tone, aesthetics and intrinsic values. By establishing guidelines, we will ensure that the logo is used correctly and as intended by our users. These guidelines are called logo usage guidelines and are an integral part of our product strategy and guide.

These guidelines help to prevent cidaas logo from getting altered in any way so that it loses its identity by elongating it or presenting it in a way that does not blend in with the rest of the logo’s message.

  1. Any downloading and use of the logos are subject to the conditions of our website.
  2. In addition to this policy, partners who have agreements with Compliance must adhere to the terms of their agreement cidaas own logos
  3. By downloading and displaying the cidaas logos, the user agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in the cidaas logo policy.