OwnCloud cidaas

Identity Provider in ownCloud

Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and central authorization management

Secure and versatile login experience for your ownCloud

Data protection and security are the basis of successful collaboration in the age of digitalization.
Starting with ownCloud 10, cidaas can be integrated into ownCloud as an identity provider via the OpenID Connect standard – whether on-premise or sourced as a service.

ownCloud and cidaas become technology partners

File Sharing with ownCloud

Organizations can use ownCloud to securely store files and make them available to appropriate users. Public links with expiration dates, real-time collaboration or write-protection are just a few of the features that contribute to optimal collaboration. A single point of access is created for all file storage.
ownCloud und cidaas werden Technologiepartner

Security & GDPR for sensitive data

ownCloud manages to protect users, files and folders through a multifaceted security approach. With encryption of data at rest & on transit, privacy-by-design, zero-knowledge architecture as well as optional on-premises hosting, ownCloud as a German solution is the safe choice for sensitive data.
ownCloud und cidaas werden Technologiepartner

Access protection with ownCloud

Traceability of who, when accessed a document, clear permission management and strong authentication create comprehensive access protection. With fine-grained role and group management and cidaas’ variety of authentication methods, ownCloud is ideally protected.



By multi-factor authentication you secure the access to your file sharing system by usually requesting two different authentication methods, e.g. besides the password, an additional once-valid code via email, biometric authentication or Authenticator Apps (TOTP).


With Single Sign On, the user can remain logged in across multiple channels and do so permanently for a set period of time. This reduces the potential for phishing attacks,


In cidaas, the permissions of employees, partners and, if applicable, customers can be maintained centrally and cross-channel across all systems, and access to files stored in ownCloud can be secured.


ISO27001 is the leading international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).



ownCloud and cidaas are both German solutions, so you don’t have to worry about EU-DSGVO.


Through the consent management integrated in cidaas, you can easily manage and version your consents, check them during registration and login.


Hosting: With the “Software Hosted in Germany” seal of approval, cidaas assures German data centers and the use of German contract law. ownCloud can be obtained as a service directly from the German provider or you can opt for on-premises hosting on your data centers.

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