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user-specific Multi-Factor-Authentication with cidaas
04.09.2019/ 11:00 AM

Identifying, enabling and retaining customers – getting a holistic view of the customer is the greatest challenge that companies have to face today.

A Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution help you manage your digital identities on a single platform. The ideal CIAM solution improves the customer experience through flexible and scalable registrations, social login, user self-service and gives you, as a company, a central platform for your user management, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and also raises your marketing strategy to the next level.

What you can expect in the webinar:

In an exciting LIVE DEMO, you will get an insight into our customer identity and access management platform cidaas.
Explore what is possible with cidaas:

  • Integration of social logins and multi-factor queries into your portals
  • Creation of consent forms
  • Configuring password policies
  • Management of various applications and channels
  • Creation of your own communication templates
  • Management of different user groups

We answer the following questions:

  • What is behind the CIAM solution cidaas?
  • What features does cidaas offer?

The speaker

Sadrick Widmann

Sadrick Widmann

Managing Director, Widas ID

Sadrick Widmann is Chief Product Officer of cidaas, the first customer identity and access management solution developed and hosted in Germany. He knows and understands the requirements of a digitized world and helps customers build identity-based business models.