Stephanie Kern

Digitalisation in the insurance industry has gained extreme speed and we are experiencing a strongly growing number of users on our digital services. Introducing cidaas now was the right decision at the right time for us to get started with our next ideas and innovations.

Single Sign On - Manufacturing - Lorch

Dirk Semmler

In times of mobile devices, decentralized systems and the cloud, the issue of identity management in the digital space is becoming increasingly important. cidaas is the ideal IDaaS solution for us to drive forward the digital transformation in our corporate structure. cidaas not only offers us increased operational efficiency, but also improves the user-friendliness of our channels. We are delighted to have cidaas as a strong partner in the field of identity and access management.

cidaas Customer rehau

Alexander Mietzke

Before we have decided for cidaas, we have already tested several Identity Management Systems and worked together with other provider for several years. However, none of the systems were able to meet all our requirements “out-of-the-box”. With cidaas, we have now found the optimal software suite for us, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, which has completely implemented our requirements in just 3 months project time. Cidaas delivers what it promises and is “fast, secure and unrivalled Swabian.

Sadrick Widmann

As a Swabian company, we are delighted to have been able to join and support the relaunch of experimenta. Just as experimenta, Germany´s largest science center, presents a broad spectrum of future-oriented offerings for large and small researchers, cidaas with its typical German spirit of innovation, take visitor management into the digital future.

cidaas Customer CONRAD

Tobias Baumgart

We chose cidaas because the flexible CIAM system helped us easily migrate to an advanced, digitized world. For example, by means of an individual connector, we can integrate existing user accounts into the Customer Identity Management system. Through cidaas, our private and business customers can always and everywhere stay in touch with us – no matter which channel, which device or app and integrate all new services. With cidaas, we have found the right solution for us


John Tolbert

cidaas is a full-fledged CIAM SaaS solution from WidasID GmbH and is developed and hosted in Germany. The solution is easy to integrate into common SaaS applications and comes with many standard functions along with innovative features such as the integration of IoT devices and an integrated consent management. Its micro-service architecture allows for rapid and dynamic scaling and continuous deployment of service enhancements.


Karl-Heinz Klein

Modern Software is intelligent, innovative and simple to use. With their in-house developed product CIDAAS -Customer Identity Management as a Service – WidasConcepts has exactly created such a solution. We at CAMLOG use CIDAAS as a central User Identity Management solution for our Shops and Portals – our customers profit too from the easy to use and optimal service.