The Future of Identity Management for Financial Service Providers

The Future of Identity Management for Financial Service Providers
21.08.2019/ 11:00 AM

The digital platforms with the widest range of financial service providers make it difficult for service providers and their partners to do business. The customer, as “king”, can choose from a large number of providers. Factors such as the price-performance ratio are no longer the only criteria when choosing a suitable financial service provider. Digital services, as well as customer experience & convenience, are therefore becoming increasingly important, and customer identification and secure interfaces must not be forgotten. As customer data must be well protected, security is an important aspect for digital customers, because financial service providers process sensitive personal data.

What you can expect in the webinar:

In the webinar we will show you how you can balance the security of sensitive customer data with the user-friendliness of your portals despite stricter legal regulations.
Our special focus lies on the following topics:

  • Protection of interfaces through secure APIs
  • Legally compliant data storage and management
  • Secure Authentication Procedures (SCA) to Prevent Fraud
  • Unique customer experience through consistent, personalized services

We answer the following questions:

  • How can the growing security requirements be met?
  • How do we provide our customers a secure but also personalized experience?
  • How do we achieve easy onboarding (progressive registration/lead increase)?

The speaker

Sadrick Widmann

Sadrick Widmann

Managing Director, Widas ID

Sadrick Widmann is Chief Product Officer of cidaas, the first customer identity and access management solution developed and hosted in Germany. He knows and understands the requirements of a digitized world and helps customers build identity-based business models.

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