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TOP 5 IT trends in Healthcare & MedTech – Rising Innovations and how Identity Management enforces them.

The healthcare sector is one of the most promising industries and will be even more interesting in the future. The demands and needs of patients or customers are becoming increasingly important. The healthcare sector, like many other industries, is evolving into personalized instead of standardized services. Thereby, keywords such as patient-centered care or personalized medicine are mentioned frequently. In this context, digitalization is seen as a major milestone from the fix-it-with-a-pill mentality, towards personalization. Digitalization is driven primarily by information technology and therefore demands sophisticated IT services.


The future of the energy sector – Single Sign On & Identity Management for private households

Smart Grid, E-Mobilität, Smart Home, intelligente und vernetzte Geräte. Die disruptiven Entwicklungen verändern den Energiesektor und fordern den Wandel vom reinen Energieversorger hin zum Energie-Service-Dienstleister. Durch die zunehmende Digitalisierung sind neue, hybride Services hinzugekommen, die das klassische Angebot des Energiedienstleisters ergänzen, ob E-Roller, Smart Metering oder E-Tankstellen.