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Credential Stuffing

Identity theft: The 3 most common hacker attacks

Identity theft is one of the most common cybercrimes. In order to counter hacker attacks, it is important to first know the types of attack. ...
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Moderner Login

Modern login in Flutter: Social Login, Single-Sign-On and Device Biometrics

Social Logins, Device Biometrics, Single-Sign-on - Comfortable access is essential for users in order to use an app smoothly and repeatedly ...
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Digital Breakfast

Digital identity “for breakfast” at the Digital Breakfast

Securing digital identities through easy Login with the help of biometric methods from cidaas e.g. TouchID, fingerprint, face recognition (FaceID) etc ...
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Verbindung Online Offline Welt

A brilliant Omnichannel experience through modern customer identification

Identify the customer throughout the customer journey - with cidaas - as a customer expects the same company behind every channel ...
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Authentification security with cidaas

Recap of E-Commerce Week 2020 – “Securing digital channels.”

At the beginning of May, we were part of the E-Commerce Week 2020 with the presentation "Securing digital channels. Bye-bye password, hello modern login! ...
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Shopware zugreifen

Shopware Login: Single Sign On, Social Login, passwordless

Single Sign On, social logins and password-free authentication - Learn how you can use cidaas to enhance your shopware login ...
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wordpress plugin from cidaas

Secure your WordPress Site absolutely Free

Now login to WordPress with different authentication methods from cidaas for e.g. Social Login without password, MFA etc ...
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New Age Solutions for securing your CMS!

It only takes a few minutes to integrate cidaas into the CMS for authentication & authorization. ...
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We vs. COVID-19: hand in hand to the digital solution

Together we are creating digital solutions to emerge stronger from the pandemic ...
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banner blog post

Proving digital identities clearly through artificial intelligence.

Digital identity verification using modern AI with the cidaas ID Validator is both eIDAS and GDPR compliant ...
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