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single sign on

To Single Sign-On in 30 minutes

Due to the increased number of various digital services in the enterprise as well as in the customer environment, Single Sign-On became increasingly critical. On the one hand, it is an essential element to provide more user comfort and a smooth journey and on the other hand, it serves to improve security. Identity and access management play a central role in the realization of Single Sign-On ...
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FIDO2 Authentifizierung

8 years in FIDO – What has happened so far

For several reasons, logging in to a website with your username and password may not be the ideal method of authentication. On one hand, the number of applications a person uses is constantly increasing. On the other hand, the security of credentials is increasingly at risk as cybercrime becomes more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Targeted brute-force attacks or seemingly harmless phishing attacks via email have become so common that users often do not even notice that their own credentials have been hacked ...
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The Digital Pioneers Conference – Digitisation on the rise – 5 wonderful years of cidaas

Inspired by Star Trek: "Identity - infinite vastness. It's the year 2020", the Digital Pioneers talk about 5 years of cidaas ...
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Now, FIDO2 is set as standard in Apple Browser

Using TouchID or FaceID to unlock the smartphone is the current standard. In addition to security, it is above all a question of convenience for users to unlock their smartphone quickly and easily using a biometric procedure. This was not possible in the browser of the iPhone so far. With the new major version of the Apple browser Safari 14, Apple supports biometric authentication using TouchID and FaceID (Device Biometrics) via the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards, respectively ...
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cyber security

Experience with the Alliance for Cyber Security

We joined the Alliance for Cyber Security as a member in mid-July and then completed our onboarding as a partner at the end of August. We would like to use this short blog to describe our first experiences with the Alliance for Cyber Security and our partner contributions ...
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cidaas support

Why Happiness Team? – The cidaas support

Ever since we launched cidaas a few years ago, we have been developing technology, in terms of organization and processes. And we are constantly working to incorporate the vast experience we gain every day and to implement new ideas ...
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Compromised Credentials

Detect Compromised Credentials – Goodbye password

With Compromised Credentials Detection, users are informed about stolen or already cracked passwords to protect them even better. Let us first reveal why Compromised Credentials Detection is necessary and how digital platforms can be made even more secure ...
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World-wide 4 out of 5 data breaches arise from weak or stolen passwords

In the past, we relied only on passwords to secure our digital lives. Now, they are the major drawback ...
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EU-U.S. Privacy Shield – The agreement on the protection of personal data has been declared null and void again due to surveillance fears.

cidaas is a modern, European cloud identity and access management system that ensures security and GDPR compliance through its features ...
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Credential Stuffing

Identity theft: The 3 most common hacker attacks

Identity theft is one of the most common cybercrimes. In order to counter hacker attacks, it is important to first know the types of attack. ...
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